Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pre-School Screening

Yesterday, Izabel had Pre-School Screening. Imagining our 3 year, 2 month old attending school in the Fall is exciting but also a reminder that time passes all too quickly. Warning, bragging is about to occur. lol!

We arrived at the school just minutes before it was her turn to go in. Emmy and I sat out in the hall waiting for her and I knew that she was going to pass with flying colors. We had been warned that Izabel would most likely do too well to be accepted into the district.

And Izabel proved just that.

Izabel's a very smart cookie, although she doesn't let on sometimes. Her PATS teacher was one of the four teachers during the screening which made me feel good. Izabel doesn't always perform and I was at ease knowing that her PATS teacher really knew what Izabel was capable of.

I don't have the scores in front of me, but some of the things I remember from the meeting are as follows.

- Izabel identified 19 colors in 30 seconds. There was another color test as well but she failed to identify Grey.
- She sang her ABC's, identified her shapes correctly, stacked blocks as asked, and identified objects from flashcards.
- She was also able to identify all the her body parts expect her Heel and Forehead.
- She was not able to answer hypothetical questions. Such as, if you walk into a dark room, what do you do? (Turn on the light.) We will be working on this with her now though.
- She was able to write/draw a lot of the things they asked but she's still unable to write her name.

There were several other items in the screening but I cannot remember them. Every degree of development is screened, including their hearing.

So now the search begins to get Izabel into a private pre-school. There are a few here in our town but Greg and I have been very specific to each other about what we are looking for. Of course, tuition cost will be a factor as well. I hope to be on a couple of waiting lists before the end of May and with any luck, Izabel will have her first day of school in August.


Maddy said...

Yeah for her. Yeah for you. A very smart cookie indeed. I remember the waiting lists.....even after all this time.

Alicia W. said...

A very bright future is ahead for your beautiful girls.

The Bryant Family said...

You have every right to brag.....way to go Izabel.

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Oh wow! How fantastic is that??!! Congrats to her for being so brilliant :D That's a beautiful picture of her btw. And congrats to you for doing such an amazing job on raising her and teaching her!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! :) I know you are a proud mommy!

4 Lettre Words said...

So exciting, and you're right about the time flying! It's nearly impossible for me to believe that Sam will start Kindergarten in a real school. He could even ride the bus. He won't, but he could! :o)

danette said...

Way to go Izabel! Congrats :)