Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Edition "X"

Thirteen words that start with "X"!! My brain began to hurt the more I thought about this list, so I am cheating a little!

1. X Ray - Izabel had her first done last Summer when she fractured her left Tibia going down a slide.

Top View Of Izabel's Tibia
Izabel's Casting- Part 3
It wasn't until the next day when they actually put her leg in her favorite color of Fiberglass; Purple. She had to wear the cast for 2 months. The X-Ray above is Izabel's actual x-ray. I had the hospital put the x-ray results on a dvd for me to keep.

2. X-Men - Greg and I saw this movie twice in theaters when it came out.

3. X Box 360 - Video games sure have come a long way!

4. To The Extreme - Ah, Vanilla Ice.

5. X - Daddy recently taught Izabel how to play Tic Tac Toe.

6. Xylophone - The girls both love their toy xylophone.

7. The X Files - The second movie was a shell of the show's former self.

8. X Marks the Spot - Daddy and Izzy play a game where they act like pirates and take turns burying 'treasure' in the front yard, and then dig it up!

9. Xiphosura - Saw lots of these while vacationing in Florida this January.

Clearwater, Florida

10. Xylocopa - Having a problem with these right now! Does anyone have any info or experience with them in their home?

11. Exterminator - We hate bugs!

12. Xavier Roberts - Cabbage Patch Kids!

13. Xris - (pronounced 'Chris') this is what Greg used to talk about naming our first boy!


mummyof6monsters said...

wow, you did well there! And i have to ask, what IS that thing??

Laura Marchant said...

I am impressed you came up with so many!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Awwwww,,, poor Izabel!

Great job coming up with so many X's!

enJOY your day!

Alicia W. said...

Damn that's a hard one this week but you blew it wide open with your great list. Izabel's little broken bone made me frown. Poor little sweetie. Oh no you did not bust out some vanilla ice! LOL

Love it!

4 Lettre Words said...

Wow...Alisha! Great job with such a tough letter.

The Vanilla Ice reference is priceless! :o)

Unknown said...

Poor sweetheart! Love the creature and you did an amazing job with X! Who knew! you're inspiring!!

Brooke said...

Xavier Roberts is a great one...I loved Cabbage Patch kids! This week was so hard...I admit I had to get a little help from google! Ha!

tommie said...

You did a great job on X!

as for xylocopa ...freaking carpenter bees! We had them this past spring. They were burrowing in the kids' play structure. My husband got some of that spray foam stuff that hardens. He filled all of the holes that they dug. Finally a month ago of so, we haven't seen any more of them.