Saturday, October 11, 2008

Princesses And Their Pumpkins

A preview to some of the fantastic shots captured at the pumpkin patch this week. More to come!


Chasity said...

What a great picture!!!

storyteller said...

What a cute photo and a delightful memory captured. Their smiles are infectious!
Hugs and blessings,

The Bryant Family said...

Cute photo. I think that was a spot we tried with Tucker as well, no sun in your eyes. Cant wait to see hte rest.

My Three Sons said...

Well that must be the popular spot for a shot. I put Carson there as well. The soccer team is going up there this week for our yearly cookout so I will get to take some more pictures with Coltan and Cody as well as the whole team. I love that place.

Your little ones are just as adorable as always. I've got all of my color pictures that I haven't posted yet so hopefully I'll get around to it this week.

Hope your having a great weekend.


Michelle said...

that is such a cute pic of the girls on the pumpkins!