Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Silly Monkey Story Tuesday- B00bies?

I really like this Tuesday MeMe, but somewhere in between Tuesdays I forget all the silly stuff the girls have done! Luckily, this morning Izabel gave me a reason to participate.

This morning the girls and I were eating breakfast as usual. Izabel really loves buttered toast, only she won't eat the crust. I never understood why kids don't like the crust. Anyway, Emily loves the crust and finishes whatever Izzy does not.

So anyway, we are sitting at the table, eating away and Izabel starts talking a mile a minute. Some words are understandable, others are not. She's laughing and going on about such and such when all of a sudden she stops, gets a surprised look on her face and says,

"Mommy, Show me your b00bies?"

"No Izabel. Eat Your Toast."

"I want to see b00bies.", she says.

I changed the subject knowing that she was just being silly. Where she gets these things, I have no idea! Is Noggin sending subliminal messages!?

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Karen Coutu said...

LOL! That does seem out of the blue, but she could have been talking about something that led up to that question. Only she will ever know though. :D

Thanks for sharing your story with us. This one really made me laugh!

Karen of the MomDot Street Team

Gabriel said...

Wow. That's a funny story... I also wonder where it came from... Good job at changing the subject, next time you might not be that lucky! :-)