Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is Your Christmas Shopping Done?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only three months away? It's amazing how fast this year has gone.

Of course Thanksgiving is not just about Turkey and Green Bean Casserole. Thanksgiving marks the rush of Christmas shopping. Black Friday; a day where the streets are filled with thousands of extra vehicles, stores open their doors at 5 AM and people wait in lines the length of the parking lots. All of us must get the greatest deals of the year.

This year there are only 26 days of shopping between BF and Christmas. To help ease the stress of flipping through newspaper ads and camping out in the parking lots of your favorite stores, I've found a really cool website that does it all for you! Ads are already in the works and many stores have a sample of the sales they are going to offer. You can plan in advance instead of waiting for the newspaper!

Get up on BF, grab a cup of coffee and start shopping the after Thanksgiving ads online. You can even get email alerts from BlackFriday.biz to keep current on all the newest ads and great deals!

This year I'll have two children to consider taking out at 5am in the morning. While I am sure they'd love to cruise the door-busters at Toys R Us, I may not be ready to take them with me! I am so excited to use this website to help better prepare me for what stores I'll actually have to get to and other stores where I can get a deal on awesome electronics in my jammies.

In addition to the great ads you can find for Black Friday, you can also get more great sale news with cyber monday ads.

This year, shop smart with BlackFriday.biz and you just may spend less time standing out in the cold!

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Anonymous said...

I've got about half of my Christmas shopping done. (It's all sitting in sacks on the couch in my home office.) I found a great deal on nice picture frames at a summer sidewalk sale, so the neighbors and co-workers are covered. I generally start looking sometime in the spring/summer. But I HATE going out on BF! Good luck with that! (I'll be home trimming the tree!)