Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Days

We had yet another busy weekend. I found a few things for Daddy to tear down (and up) and demolish. We did some major lawn work and then had Papa over for some additional electrical upgrades on Sunday.

The heat has been overwhelming the last two weeks and only looks to end with a bang! I am ready for Fall and pumpkins, raking leaves and cool nights. With the electricity off while Papa and Daddy did some work, the air was also OFF. Oh my gosh! Gama and I and the girls hung outside as much as possible where even the humid 90 something temps were cooler than in the house.

Izabel and I did some sidewalk art, which I meant to take a photo of, but it rained and washed the chalk away. She also did some painting on a new easel we got for her. She had a blast painting and I should have some photos of the dried art work soon.

(Our Little Artist At Work)

As a side note, I have to share with you a story.

Daddy and Izabel were out doing lawn work early Saturday morning. Izzy loves to be outside and doing her own thing right along side Daddy. Daddy was doing some weeding and clearing of brush. He had some lawn bags laying on the sidewalk and was getting ready to open one when Izabel came running over to him and said, "Daddy, Look, It's Wal-Mart." Sure enough, the lawn bag said Wal-Mart. She was so proud of herself. Wal-Mart is our biggest and most stocked store in our little city, so as you can imagine, we are there often. Even though I know Izabel likes to go in and go shopping, she insists in the car that, "Wal-Mart Stinks." Hmm, Wonder who taught her that?

Emmy's back to normal and off all meds, except Motrin as needed. She popped her first tooth up on Friday night. (When looking at her, it's the bottom right.) The left is almost there and her top teeth look as though they will make an appearance any moment. She's been handling it okay but a once a day Mortin booster helps a great deal.
Emily also hit another milestone this weekend; she can now stand and hang herself over her crib rails. Yeah, we have arrived! She's been pulling up on things for a couple of weeks, pretty much before crawling even, but now that she's crawling she wants to pull up and stand all the time. I think it's fantastic! So tonight we have to lower the crib mattress down and I've tried to remove all blunt objects from her surroundings. More on her achievements tmrw morning!

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NannyJ said...

I'm so glad that Emmy is better. It sounds like you had a busy weekend. Things are moving right along. xoxo