Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy 8 Month Birthday Emily Rose

(I'm 8 Months Old!)

My Dearest Emily,
From 7 months to 8 months there have been an overwhelming amount of milestones. You are a very smart little girl! A fast learner to say the least!

In the last month you have become mobile! You started crawling on July 17th, 2008! We thought it was going to take forever, but during your little virus you took to crawling like a pro. Even before you were crawling, you were trying to pull yourself up on things. On July 26th, 2008, you started pulling to a complete stand and hanging over your bed rails! You can pull yourself to stand anywhere! Now that you are mobile, you follow Izzy everywhere. She is your best friend and you love to be with her. You've already shown to be assertive with her and take things from her, as she does you. She mostly takes your toys and you mostly take her food!

(I Love To Be Outside and Swing!)

Speaking of food, you are finally eating well and loving table foods. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to give you baby food because you'd rather have whatever we are eating. This last month you tried pickles and loved them! You've also tried ketchup and mustard and made the cutest faces! (You didn't like either) We've tried all the baby food and thus far have had no reactions to any. You love Cheetos and crackers, puffs, bread and butter and cheese.

(Wind Chimes Grab My Attention)

Your first tooth popped up on July 25th, 2008. It's the bottom right! The left one as well as your top two will be breaking through any day now. Teething seems to have brought you more discomfort than I remember with your sister but Motrin and Tylenol seem to help a little bit.

(I Get Really Excited!)

You are back to sleeping through the night after being sick. You love to sleep in your crib and when you wake up you sit and play in there a little bit before calling to me to take you out. You toss and turn through the night, sleeping on your tummy most of the time. You like to hear your mobile 2 times before it stops and then you go to sleep listening to your whale calls and sea sounds. It takes only about 20-22 minutes to put you down at night which is such a blessing!

(I Love To Hug My Mommy and Daddy and Lay My Head On Their Shoulder)

Miss Emmy, you are as vocal as they come. You screech and yell at the top of your lungs and most of the time you aren't even sure what you want. You are easily upset by the littlest things and as mentioned before, you produce tears within a nano second. Some days it's very difficult to determine what will make you happy. I hope that once we can get you to sign (or talk) that your mood will lighten up a little.

(I Am Princess Emily, and I Am Beautiful!)

You have come so far in the last 8 months and even though I've done it once before, it still amazes me at the amount information one little person can learn. You turn when your name is called and you reach up to me when you want to be held. That one didn't take you long at all. No matter where you are or what device I've placed you in, you still reach up when you are done and want me to pick you up.

Continue to grow and learn Sweet Princess Emmy. You are going to do great things in the next month and I cannot wait!

Daddy and I Love you very much!

More pictures in FLICKR!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

She is SO cute!!! Happy 8 months Emmy!

Michelle said...

happy 8th months! She is so beautiful in that dress!

storyteller said...

Ah … she’s BEAUTIFUL!!! What a lovely way to celebrate ;--)
Hugs and blessings,