Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Silly Monkey Story Tuesday- Conversations With A Child

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Lately, Izabel has a million and one things to say about everything. She's becoming smarter by the day and wants to include her input on everything from ice creme flavors to car tires.

Yesterday seemed to be quite an active day in Izabel's brain because she had so many things to talk about and all of them made Daddy and I laugh to tears. It's absolutely true: Kids Say The Darnedest Things! Here are a couple of examples.

At The Dinner Table:

Preface- Izzy has been talking about the doctor lately and loves playing with her medical kit. Occasionally she brings up the fact that her cast is off and she doesn't need to go to the doctor anymore. If we have errands to run, she always makes sure we are not going to the doctor and if we are, it's Emmy who needs a doctor she says.

Daddy: Izabel, Do you want to go see the doctor?

Izzy: No, I too big to see a doctor anymore. No More Cast.

Playing On The Floor:

Preface- Emily is fussing a little bit. Last night she was a little needy and so I was playing on the floor with the girls trying to stretch the time until bedtime. I pick up Emily and start giggling and being goofy but Emmy cried. Izabel comes over, more often than not, to see if Emmy's okay.

Izzy: Mommy, Emmy is sad.

Mommy: She's just tired.

Izzy To Emmy: It's okay Emmy. We will find your Daddy.

(Such A Cute Kid!!!)

And wouldn't you know there were several others I wanted to share and I cannot remember them!

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Karen Coutu said...

What a cutie! Kids do say the darndest things, don't they? Love her smile in the photo too!!