Saturday, July 12, 2008

Movie Mania!

It has been awhile since I posted any new videos. Of course we are still filming all the time, but I haven't uploaded. Today I took some time out to get them on YOU TUBE and share them with you. There not anything too special; just kids being kids.

Below are two of the four I uploaded today. Both Izabel and Emily have taken to music and sounds from day numero uno. Izzy especially, loves to dance and sing and goes mad for music. She so.loves. Numa Numa. Yes, I linked that song because it's crazy funny and where all it's hype began. (The actual band's name is O-Zone.) The song is not sang in English, but that doesn't matter. Izzy asks for it by name and can sing quite a few of the words. Be careful, once you hear it, it's with you forever!!

(Ignore the mess of a room! Kids are kids! And YES, That is Izzy's Chucky Doll!))

Emily has recently taken to showing her appreciation for music. She sways and rocks as soon as she hears music. Of course, she always sways and rocks to the music in her head! She smiles and perks up when we turn on our iTunes. I can't wait to see how her take on music and dance will be!

(Emmy Swaying To The Music- June 2008)

Enjoy the two videos and there are plenty more over HERE!


Karen Coutu said...

Look at them both go! How cute are they?!!

That Chucky doll is creeping me out. Oh, and my floor always looks like that after ten minutes after the kids are done with their breakfast every morning.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Freaking adorable!

Bren said...

She has a Chucky doll???

Besides Chucky, those are ADORABLE! I love watching babies dance.