Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fevers, Worms and Demolition

The last few days (okay, weeks) have been such a flutter that I do not seem to have the brain stamina left to make a post at the end of the day. The house is quiet for the time being, but who knows how long I have.

So many things I want to update in this post so bare with me as I may put them in random order. As for the house being quiet, well we will start there. Last night and today were quite noisy, to say the least. Izabel's just loud in general. Which is not a bad thing, it's usually happy loud. Emmy however did not want to go to bed last night, which is very unlike her, and not only that but she cried and fussed for hours. Up until 130am this morning actually. She was so tired and every time she'd close her eyes something went awry and she'd open them quick. I didn't think about anything serious, just a fussy princess who didn't want to go to bed. Once she fell asleep she slept until 930am with no awakenings.

The morning sunrise brought more tears. By 330pm Emmy had a fever of almost 102. Now I kinda panicked as Izzy (and Emily up until now) have never ever had a temperature much over 100. Never! I quick re-did the temp check (rectally! I hate having to do that) and once confirmed went for the Tylenol. Emily hates to take any sort of medicine, so forcing the Grape flavored fever-reducer down her throat only made matters worse.

(Emily In Her Outdoor Swing With Cookie Face-Poor Princess)

She ate a little dinner and then I took her outside for some fresh air in hopes to calm her nerves. She did well outside. She sat in her swing most of the time, letting the breeze hit her face. She ended up in the sandbox, sitting there like a lump on a log. By 730pm the fever had gone down to 100. I gave her more Tylenol and she's resting now.

(Emily Sitting In The Sandbox- No Energy To Dig)
(And, No, She Doesn't Eat The Sand)

I have no idea what's brought on a fever. It could be viral or even teeth, but if the fever is still fluxing through the night, you can bet we will be at the pediatrician tmrw morn.

(A Flutter Of Happiness With A Touch Of Cookie)

Aside from all that, Emmy has taken on a whirlwind of milestones this last week. She's still only crawling "one step" but the Princess has learned to sit up on her own from any position and has begun pulling herself up on things to stand! Yeah, seems she's not interested in crawling first. It's amazing how fast she's moving up! She's eating like a pro and not just that pureed stuff either. We are talking table foods! She's babbling more and can say "Mama" when she's mad. I think "Dada" has come out once or twice. Yesterday all she was saying was "Papa" over and over again. I have no idea where that one came from! Papa was here on Sunday but I am not so sure she's put two-and-two together.

Our other Princess has also been super busy. Or maybe it's the other way around; she's making me super busy. Izabel has so much energy! All.Day.Long! We've really gotten into making crafts during the day out of things we can find around the house. We've made some telescopes and turned old spice bottles and cardboard containers into musical instruments and also colored a lot. She's an artsy-girl like her Daddy.

(Izabel Splashing!)

Izabel's been full of conversation lately and wants to talk about everything. Believe it or not, but the last few days after she has awoken from her nap, she immediately comes in and tells me a whole story and with so much emotion. I am sure she's voicing out her dreams but it's almost scary to hear her talk like this. The are not bad stories or scary, just chock full of details. Right down to who was in them. Yesterday was something about Gamma and bugs and....

Today was a huge day for Princess Izzy. We are talking BIG! She wore big girl panties all day and even went to the potty (and pee'd) on her own without even telling me until she was done! Yeah! (Doing the dance!) I was almost in tears because I was so proud of her. She was giddy after that and kept boasting on about how she did it on her own. My fingers are crossed that today marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship between her and her "throne"!

(Izabel Fishing. I just love this picture. It's nothing crazy-special, but it developed really nicely.)

Tonight I went out to take some photos and Izzy wondered around with me. She loves to be outside in a diaper (panties too) and nothing else. Not even shoes. She'll walk anywhere barefoot. She played in her pool amongst other things and then found this: "A Worm!" She says.

(Izzy's Little Hand Holding Her Caterpillar)

The caterpillar was dead but she carried it around with her all evening and then made a bed for it and covered it up with a leaf or two. Crazy kid loves to be a Princess but can't help but love the mud and bugs too!

(Mr Caterpillar In Bed, "Sleeping Forever")

Last but not least, this last weekend we resumed demolition. The dining room is in shambles. It was terribly dirty work! I really hate that everything is out of order again and dusty to say the least. Someone please nominate us for Extreme Home Makeover!!! Kidding. No. Yes. Okay, Only if you want to.

(Slat and Lathe Make Up The Walls Of Our 100 Year Old Home)

We've been at this for over 3 years! When.Will.It.End!

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