Saturday, July 12, 2008

Izzy N' Emmy- A Must See Blog Award!

I've recently had the pleasure of finding 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires, a blog written by Karen of Sillymonkeez. I came across her blog one early Friday morning while reading over Haiku's. I've been going back ever since and not just on Fridays! Karen also has a Sillymonkeez line of product which is absolutely adorable and I hope to acquire some pieces of my own for the girls.

Karen bestowed upon me my second Blog Award today; A "Must See Blog" Award. I am so elated and shocked at the same time! I feel very honored to be on her list of recommendations. THANK YOU KAREN!

I blog to hear myself think and to keep track of my own little monkey's lives but I am so glad that so many others find our life entertaining enough to visit on a regular basis.

So, the award rules state that I must pass on this award to (10) other blogs.
Here Goes:

Karen At The Bryant Family News
Bren At 3 Little Monkey's Jumping On The Bed
Midlife Mom At Home On The Range
Michelle At Big Blueberry Eyes
Amy At Kaden and Angel Ava
Chasity At Brothers By Chance, Friends By Choice
(Chasity has a private blog, but I enjoy reading her very much and had to put her on this list!)
Holli At Baby-Faith
Dawn At Call Me Grandma Dawn

These last two probably aren't aware we exist over here at Izzy N' Emmy, but their blogs are prime reading and I visit them everyday for a good laugh!

Redneck Mommy
Dad Gone Mad

So there you have it! These blogs bring all sorts of stories and entertainment to this big bloggy blog of a world. Walk into their lives for a post or two and you just might find yourself coming back for more.

About the Must See Blog award: This award was created for blogs that cannot be missed. Whether you secretly lurk, always comment, or frequently check in to see what’s new, these are blogs that must be tuned into regularly.

How to pass it on: Pick 10 blogs that you can’t help but visit often. The ones you consider a “Must See Blog.” Announce the winners on your blog with links to the recipients as well as who originally gave you the award.


hollibobolli said...

Here is one big kiss, hug and a lot of love for passing this award on to me. Thank you so much.. it's been kind of a yucky few days - so you really cheered me up.

I recognize a lot of the other blogs.. and they are all wonderful. I will check out the others!!


Midlife Mom said...

Congratulations on the award! You have such a cheerful and loving site talking about your beautiful little gals! What a treasure for them when they get older to look back at all the things that you wrote about in their lives!
Thank you so much for bestowing the award to me!!!! What fun!!!

Karen Coutu said...

YAY! I've only come across a couple of the blogs on your list so I'm going to be sure to check out your recommendations.

Chasity said...

Congrats to you for your blog award!! That's fantastic and thank you for passing it onto us!! Even though we're private!!

The sling will actually take them to 30 lbs I believe and I can wear him on my hip or back it's actually fantastic!! Check out that's where I got it and I LOVE mine. I've used it for Jaxon since I've had him and he still really enjoys being in it. Secondly cornhole is a game made out of wood that has a hole in the center near the top of the board and you throw bags full of corn at it trying to make it in the hole!! It's so much fun!! 3 points for a hole and 1 pt for putting it on the board!! :o) If you have anymore questions just let me know I will be glad to answer them for you!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for the bloggy love. After the day I've had, it's good to know I can find me some luvin' on the net, cuz I'm not thinking the hubs is gonna offer up some anytime soon.

Wink, wink.

The Bryant Family said...

I dont know how all this works...awards and all. Thanks for giving us one as well. :) Our life is pretty boring to me but I am glad you keep up with us. I wil have to have you put the award on my site (if you dont mind because I am computer DUMB.. :) This is our first award... YEAH! Thanks again.

Bren said...

Aw, congrats on the award and also for passing it on to me. *smooches*

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for passing this on to me! I'm still playing catch up since our trips to both AZ and MA!