Monday, June 9, 2008

Vacation-Party and the Pool

(Izzy- "Think, Think, Think...")

So our vacation started out with us surprising CW (and everyone else) at the birthday party. It was a lot of fun and I think everyone was suprised. There were quite a few children at CW's party, which gave Izabel reason to play and interact. She really had a lot of fun playing with the older kids.

(A Beautiful Smile)

Emily was a little numb to it all and was just happy to be passed from one cozy set of arms to the next. She even napped for a good part of the party. Emily looked so cute in her little dress and those shoes are the only pair that will fit her! Izzy used to wear shoes all the time, but Princess Emmy has a different type of foot and shoes are slightly more difficult to get on.

(Our Sweet Emmy Sitting With Nanny)

Once we made our way to Nanny and Opa's, it was all about the pool, the rocks, and the "berry sharp" cactus. Both of the girls had a chance to get in the pool. I let Emily stick her feet in but it was too chilly for her. She was content enough to sit by the pool or in her walker.
Izabel on the other hand was a fish! She was in the pool as often as she liked and didn't mind it's coolness, even if she was shivering. She LOVED jumping in the deep parts and having someone catch her. Daddy was in her with her quite a bit and they'd swim all around, go under water, and splash with excitement.

(Princess Emmy With Opa)

It was nice to get some sun on all of us. Izabel was already a little tan from the weekend before but I made sure and put tons of sunscreen on both of the girls.
(Mommy, Emmy and Izzy)

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Bren said...

I love your first black and white photo! So cute and I bet they loved that pool!