Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Emily's 6 Month Well-Baby Check Up

Emily had her 6 Month Well Baby appointment yesterday. Everything went very well and Emily is right on track developmentally. She is sitting up, scooting around, rolling both directions and has almost gotten up on her hands and knees. Emily is constantly babbling and blowing bubbles and reaching out for everything. She also received 3 shots and and her last oral ROTA vaccine.

Our one and only concern is Emily's dislike for food. We have been on solids for about 4 weeks now. We've tried Oatmeal, Rice, Green Beans, Peas, Banana's and Sweet Potatoes. All of which have been turned down to the max. Emily won't even open her mouth. She clamps it shut tight and turns her head. Last night she even had the nerve to swipe at the spoon and fling her food all over.

And there is this:

The doctor gave us 4 weeks to get her eating better and at least taking more by mouth than the floor is. We also got the go for table foods, mesh bag fruits and juice. The doc is banking on imitation but we always eat together for all of our meals and Emily has yet to take hints from Izzy. Of course Izzy never eats well either. If in 4 weeks Emily is till refusing a spoon and solids we will start occupational therapy.

Emily Rose's Current Stats:
Weight: 19 Pounds (90th Percentile)
Length: 26 Inches (40th Percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 1/4 Inches (90th Percentile)

And just for kicks, look at this little cutie!

Izabel at 6 months:
Weight: 18 Pounds, 1 Ounce
Length: 25 1/2 Inches
Head Circumference: 17 Inches


Bren said...

We have a few shots like that.

She is adorable with that food all over her!

Chasity said...

Jaxon wasn't much for baby food either!! My pedi. said that was quite common with 2nd babies. I had never heard that before. Anyhow she looks fabulous wearing all her food!!!;o)