Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wonderful World Of Girlz!

(Sister Smooches)

Well, things have been quite busy (to say the least) this first week back from vacation. I'll get back to our vacation posts in a couple of days. I didn't want to overwhelm you with it!

The girls and I have had a rough week. I say the girls and I because by the time Daddy gets home they are too tired to mess with him. (Lucky me!) I cannot pin point the exact cause for their "attitudes" or my frustration, but for the first time ever, one day this last week I nearly lost my sanity. Izabel and Emily both had one heck of a week; complete with whining. Emily's whines I can understand, but Izabel can very clearly use her words and yet last week she refused. Today and yesterday have been better.

(Emmy N' Izzy)

Both girls have hit a lot of milestones in the last week and I am anxious to get some monthly birthday photos so that I can share them together in one post. Emily is now 6 months old and Izabel has just hit 28 months!

Saturday we all went to tons of Garage Sales. It was hot, humid, and muggy but we went and found some great treasures. One being a new sandbox for the girls. it's not the one I wanted and will most likely trade up when we can, but it works for now and both girls love it. It's a Little Tikes Turtle sandbox, probably the most common one there is. Daddy went and bought them a bunch of digging tools and buckets and they are hooked.

(Izabel and Emily In Their Turtle Sandbox)

I've also been able to acquire some new toys and gadgets for the girls in the last few bargain/garage sales. Izabel got a Princess Scooter and like 6 pairs of shoes. Emily got a new sit up play gym, now that she is upright and mobile. (Mobile as in she is scooting all over the place and trying desperately to get up on her knees.) It's a Leap Frog Learning Around The World Gym. It's pretty neat. Not to mention tons and tons of little neat toys that are just to numerous to mention individually.

So even after a week of not so good tempers and me saying "NO!" every other second, Daddy and I still can't help but spoil The Princesses!

Advanced Warning: I am going to try and catch myself (and my readers) up a bunch this week so be prepared for numerous posts!

Lots and Lots and Lots of pictures added to


Chasity said...

Those are great pictures of the girls!! I don't know for sure if it's dairy causing problems, but from his symptoms the doctor seems to think that could be it. I hope the allergy test will help us learn something. That's so crazy about the price of that formula!!

Bren said...

Aw, that smoochie picture is the best one I've seen in a long time. I LOVE it!