Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Whole Lot To Review!

(Emily Loves Her New Outdoor Swing!)

Part One- Izabel's Cast Removal and Second Hair Cut

It has been a very busy couple of days, which makes for interesting conversation (and reading)! To begin, On Wednesday, Izabel and I had an appointment to go and get her cast off. (Yeah!) We were scheduled at CMH so we left Emily with Grandma and her and I ventured into the city. I was slightly more nervous than Izzy, only because I was the one who understood what was going to happen. Izzy is not really at an age where she can comprehend being warned in advance and take heed. We get to our appointment 10 minutes early and then we wait...and wait...and wait...and finally, 2 hours later we were finally called back.

(Izabel Splashing In The Pool)

We go into the same room that we had when the cast was put on. The doctor asks about allergies and then lays Izzy back and turns on the saw! Hmm, what do you get when you put a 2 year old little girl in a room with a nurse with an attitude and a saw that makes an awful noise? Yeah, now take in to account what you are imagining and multiply it by one thousand! Izabel was terrified of the noise, she couldn't see what was happening and her leg was being jostled around. She scream and kicked, stopped breathing and cried out for them to stop. There was no pain in this commotion, only the sound of a saw tearing through a fiberglass cast. I did everything I could think of to calm her down. I held her and sang to her, promised her all the candy in the world, talked about cartoons and Daddy, but nothing would calm my angel down. Her sobs were heart-breaking and the nurse doing the procedure couldn't have cared less.

He was either having a bad day or this was his typical Wednesday bedside manner. He made no attempt to talk to us, calm her down, go faster, or go slower. He was rude and cold and by the time he was done and I could pick Izzy up off the table, I was so upset and on the verge of tears. Izabel was hysterical to say the very least and as soon as I picked her up, the nurse rushed us out of them room and said to wait somewhere else in the office. The waiting led us to the X-Ray room which was even more terrifying for Izzy after just having the previously mentioned procedure. It took 3 women and 3 tries to get a good picture of her leg. After that, more waiting. Our actual doctor poked her head into our room, said things were good and then closed the door. Almost 4 hours later...we left! Angry and Hurt, Confused and on the verge of riping someones limbs off! It was a horrible experience; one I know will most likely haunt Izzy for a very long time. How I know this you ask?

(Emily Enjoying The Outdoors; Smiling And Cooing)

Thursday night Izabel and I had an appointment to go to the salon. A trim for her and a brows done for me. I had this funny feeling all day that this hair trim was not going to go well. We practiced all day with her scissors and babies and talked about going to see our "salon girl". Izabel has had her hair cut once before and she was an angel; she loved it. That was about 2 months ago. We arrive at the salon on Thursday night and yes, to answer your question, Izabel became hysterical just as soon as she was placed in the chair and the trimming began.

I knew that after Thursday's fiasco, getting Izabel to trust another human being to touch her was not going to be easy from here on out. She was so upset and tears were just streaming down her cheeks. She was reaching out for me as I stood next to her. Our hair lady worked quickly and talked sweet to her the whole time, but to no avail. Izzy was scared.

I can only imagine what Izabel's future doctor's and dentist's visits will be like. We were doing so well and even getting shots every couple of months at her checkups never made her as upset and hysterical. She's always had faith in me to protect her; you can see it in her eyes. But getting her cast off has changed her mind. I honestly think it scarred her for life.

(Sisters Swimming)

*Izabel, When you are old enough to read through this journaling of your life, I want you to know that I would never put you in danger, nor allow someone to do something I was not confident was the best for you. This last week was just as scary for me as it was for you. I was not able to console you or calm you down. It broke my heart to see you so upset.

(May 16th, 2003- Our Wedding)

Part Two- An Anniversary

Greg and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary on Friday, May 16th. We have been married for 5 years and together for 11 years. (We married on our dating anniversary.) Time seems to have flown by so fast. It doesn't seem that long at all. We are having so much fun together and we wouldn't want it any other way. We are very happy and know that we were meant to be together. I am a better person because of Gregory. He is so loving and caring, generous and supportive. He is everything I ever wanted and all the things I didn't know I needed.

I love you Greg; Bunches; Forever and Always

Part Three- A Lazy Saturday

After a rough week and a much needed day to play, Daddy took us girls to Garage Sales this morning after breakfast. There were so many, but it turns out the ones we stopped at didn't have much of anything for us. Izabel was the only one who made out with anything; two bags full of Rudolph toys and Blues Clues toys.

After Garage Sales and baking in the hot sun in a car without air conditioning, we headed to Toys R Us to cool off. Yeah, so much fun! We looked at all the neat toys and specially went looking for additional things for the girls' kitchen set. Oh My, so many cool pieces to add! I wanted them all! We refrained though and hope to save up for some of the pots and pans, mixers and brooms, mops and pizza makers!

(Izabel's Like A Little Fish! She Calls It Her 'Wimming Pool')

After getting back home, it was so hot and sticky that we decided to install our air condition unit and fill the pool! Yeah!! It was at least 85 degrees here today and a perfect day to be in the water. Izabel was thrilled (to say the least) to be in her 'wimming pool' again. Daddy also purchased the hardware to hang the swings we have for the girls. They were so excited to swing and Emily loved hers very much. She got so comfy, she fell asleep. We cooked out on the grill and when Emily fell asleep, Daddy, Izabel and I had the biggest most funnest water fight ever! It could not have been a better summer day for us. We look forward to having many Summer days like this together. After all, Families are the best...Families Are Forever.

(Izabel and Emily In Their New Outdoor Swings)

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