Friday, May 16, 2008

The First To Graduate

(Murdock, The Graduate)
My brother, Uncle to our girls, Murdock, graduated from college Friday. He received his Bachelors Degree with a Major in Entertainment Management. We are so proud of him and we know that great opportunities will continue to present themselves as he continues onward toward his goals.

He graduated from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. He is the first ever in our family to go to college and graduate. It was a great day for a graduation, although it was the hottest day we've had thus far this year. We all drove down to celeebrate with him and share in his excitement. Izabel was so excited to see her Uncle Doc. Both of the girls were very good during the graduation ceremony. Izabel lasted until the last 10 minutes when she then decided to climb the walls. Daddy escorted her out and about while we filed out like ants. We took some pictures and then went back to Uncle Doc's house. Izabel played with the two dogs of the house, Shelby and Lola. Shelby is Uncle Doc's puppy and Lola is another room mates pet. Lola loved Izzy and Izzy loved Lola. They played in the backyard and Izzy collected sticks, which Lola would gently take from her and run off. The house is huge and gave Izabel reason enough to wonder and explore and find trouble wherever it presented itself. A bunch of us got together and played Scene It, which was a lot of fun. Thankfully Daddy was on my team the first time; he knows everything!

(Dad, Emily, Murdock, and Mom; Gregory, Izabel and Alisha)

The day went by very fast and we drank and ate to our hearts content. Daddy and I decided not to stay over night, so we headed home later in the evening and the girls slept the whole way home.

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who is that guy in the green shirt? he is GORGEOUS!

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