Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Joys Of Nature

Sunday afternoon we went to Gamma and Papa's house for awhile. We spent the entire time outside with the girls. Emily laid out under a Bradford Tree and Izabel ran wild in the yard.

The tree appealed to Emily right off and she laid there all afternoon watching the branches sway and the PollyNose fall. Emily really likes to be outside as much as Izzy does. It was probably in the 80's on Sunday and the sun was shining bright.
(Emmy Kicking and Playing Away In The Shade)

Emily rolled around on her blanket and eventually made her way to the bottom of the small hill. She had grass stuck between her toes and handfuls in her fists. She didn't complain though and only left the sunshine to take a nap with Gamma.

(Emmy Watching The Sky)

Izabel would eat, sleep and bathe outside if we'd let her. She never wants to go in and asks all day if we can "get a coat and go outside". Especially since Daddy hung the swings and brought out all of the toys from winter storage. Izabel loves flowers and thinks with every fiber of her being that Dandelions (yellow and white) are the most beautiful thing in the grass. (Boyfriends will have it so easy!) She will spend hours just picking away at the smallest speck of color amidst the vastness of green.

(Izabel LOVES The Outdoors)

This past weekend she found another favorite; PollyNose's. I call them helicopters, but Daddy says otherwise. Izabel really likes to gather them up and throw them in the air. Gamma and Papa have an over abundence of them and Izzy found it rather a waste to leave them laying around. Her and Daddy would grab piles of them and throw them in the air and watch them twirl to the ground. Izabel loved this and had so much fun spending the day outside. She got a really good burn/tan too. Aloe Vera took care of it and it's almost faded away now.

(Daddy and Izabel Twirling Helicopters)

It was a nice day to spend outdoors and the girls had fun. The last few days we have been cleaning closets and working on the lawn. Nothing exciting happening. Emily's started to babble quite a bit and has the great begingings of "mama" already going. She started Oatmeal yesterday and I even gave her a bite or two of green beans. She hated both. She literally refuses to open her mouth. I have tried everything I can think of but Emily Does.Not.Want.To Eat.Food! I haven't given up hope yet. I think we have a 6 month check up sometime next week or so and I will ask then. In the meantime she's doing just fine on her formula and has more wrinkles in her pudge than you can count. Don't you just Love It!

Izabel's 27 Month post has yet to even begin and I am not so sure it will get done. Too much to do! She's really growing up though. Her conversation is so amazing. A few nights ago at dinner she told me for the first time that Mac and Cheese is "Her Favorite." She loves to use the word "delicious and beautiful" and whenever something is broken, Daddy must "fix it with his tools." Her manner words are coming without prompting these days which is a wonderful feeling for a parent. Please, Thank You and Your Welcome make the world a better place.

Hope everyone is having a nice week before a holiday. Speaking of which, the pools are almost open. We don't have plans to do anything but grill out and have water fights with the girls. What's better than some Family Time.


Megan said...

Sounds like fun. I love all of the pictures. The girls are so adorable.

Anonymous said...

'twas a fun day...and by the way, they're pollynoses, not helicopters. you midwesterners and your slang.