Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursdays Ramblings

The last few days have been rather jumping. Izabel and Emily have both been in rather attentive moods. Both have been going to bed on their own and sleeping through the night, which is great! We've been doing a lot of coloring and Izabel I think has finally wore herself down a bit with crayons. The Magnadoodle has become her new toy. While we were coloring yesterday she said, "Mommy, it's beautiful; It's Perfect." Well, I wouldn't say it was perfect but I was staying in the lines.

Today the girls and I had a nail painting party. Izabel's toes and fingers were painted and Emily got her first coat of pink on her toes. They both stay amazinginly still! I painted my toes too and had my nails done. Oh how long it's been since I painted either. The girls are in pink, but I chose to go a little bold with a Brazilian Red.

(Her Father's Daughter-Excuse the dust, but I rarely dust in the basement and it doesn't seem to be hurting anything!)

We have been playing outside a lot and especially when Daddy grills. Izzy loves to run and dig and play with the animals outside. She's all for pink and painted toes, but that girl loves to play in the dirt too. Emily stays very content outside as well. The sun in her face and the wind in her hair calm her to no end and she loves to stare up at the trees. Both of them enjoy their new swings very much too. Those were a great investment...oh wait...they were FREE!

Rain and cool temps kept us in today until later this evening when we went to visit Gamma and Papa for a little bit. The winds have been going strong and we are expected to get quite the storm overnight. My friends in Denver, I hope you are all safe and sound. I really hope those storms weaken a little before they get here in a few hours.

(Emily has a beautiful smile.)

Also, Parker's Picture Book was finished and mailed this week. Thanks to each and everyone of you who participated. I am not sure of the final dollar amount collected, but I think it went well. Tammy, let me know what kind of numbers you got. I am sure Parker will love his new book to look through. Again, Thanks to everyone for helping. Not matter what we raised, every.little.bit.helps!

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Megan said...

Looks like you might have a future rock star on your hands. Too cute!!