Friday, May 2, 2008

Izzy N' Emmy Look-A-Likes

Putting their pictures next to one another, you can see they are clearly sisters. Some people actually say they look nothing alike. When I am not looking at pictures, I think Emily looks just as Izabel did.

In these photos, Izabel is 3 Months old and Emily is 5 Months old.

I was looking over some photos of Izabel from just this last Winter, right before Emily was born. What a difference a few months makes. She's grown so much and I find it very hard to believe! She looks more grown up and her hair has really gotten so much longer. Feel free to explore the Archives on the bottom left of this page to glimpse back in time. Also, for those of you who are new to us, you can also go to to see what was then; before Miss Emmy arrived.

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Bren said...

Wow, they do look alike! My girls do too but not that much.