Monday, May 5, 2008

A Review Before A Vacation From Blogging

Last Friday the girls had another PATS meeting. Emily was out like a light for a 4 hour nap so Izabel held the ground! Izabel is always thrilled when Rosie is scheduled to visit. As soon as Rosie walks in Izabel's on her best behavior and sits quietly during each lesson. Last weeks lessons were Emotions and more Fine Motor Techniques. For emotions, Izabel had to look at multiple faces of bears and be able to identify what emotion we were asking for and then vice versa. For example, a bear had a sad face, Izabel had to point out which one was sad when asked. Then if we asked her what the bear was feeling she would have to say sad. It was a lot of fun and also very cool to know that Izabel knew them all! She was hesitant with the "confused" bear, but she got it. Emotions covered were Happy, Sad, Angry, Confused, Scared, and one other that I cannot seem to remember.

As for Fine Motor skills, we worked with beans! It was very cool! Instead of filling up a sandbox, Rosie filled up a big container with beans. Izabel loved it and practiced filling cups (measurements), dumping cups, picking out colors, putting beans in different size spaces and just plain digging. Izabel had a great time with this lesson. Now if I could just fill up a kiddie pool with beans instead of water, that would rock!

It was a great meeting. We don't see Rosie again until June which is okay considering we have a very busy month!

Speaking of which, I am going on a blogging vacation for the remainder of this week. I'm going to try really hard to stay off the Mac as much as possible! I've got too much to do and I really need to focus. So the remainder of this post will be just a few tidbits.

Tidbit #1- Friday May 1st celebrated 3 years as homeowners. Yep, 3 years ago we moved into our house. It doesn't seem like that long ago. The house has truly taken a turn for the better. We have done SO MUCH remodeling that you wouldn't recognize it at all! It's a great feeling being a homeowner and an even better feeling when projects we've started are completed! Thanks to all of you who have helped make this house our home; it's greatly appreciated.

Tidbit#2- Sunday, May 4th, I officially started Emily on Rice Cereal. She's just past the 5 month mark. I am about a week early but I think it's going to take all week for her just to like the idea. So far she hates the taste, the spoon, the whole concept. She wants nothing to do with the experience at all. So different from her sister, who started cereal at 2 months and solids at 4 months. The funny thing is, she won't even open her mouth! So we will see how this goes. I hope we haven't waited too long. Wish us luck!

Tidbit#3- Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Tidbit#4- Don't forget to be a part of Pictures For Parker. Izabel has been drawing like a crazy kid for days now and I must say, she's got some great pictures to send to Parker. The Fund Raiser will conclude the evening of May 14th, 2008, so that I can have two days to bind it together and send it to Parker for his surgery.

Tidbit#5- RevolutionMoneyExchange- This is something new that we just signed up for. It's a way to send and receive money online. Similar to paypal and a bank account. For signing up today we received $25.oo and it was automatically put into our account. (Yeah, I love Free Money) For every person who signs up under us, we will receive an additional $10.00. How cool is that!? So, if you are looking for a free $25.00, sign up. All the referrals we receive will go toward our vacation funds. If the above link and or side bar button is not working, copy and paste this:

Tidbit#6- Izabel Grace will be 27 Months old tmrw! yeah!! Time is really flying for my firstborn. She's doing really well though and we are so very proud of the Princess she is becoming. I will write her traditional Monthly Birthday Post in a few days along with pictures.

Tidbit#7- Izabel is doing okay with the whole full leg cast. She's gotten pretty used to it and has learned how to run recently with it. She knows better than to go on hard surfaces though that are slick; like our hard wood floors. She has a special boot that she wears too to help with traction. Something like 8 more days and she gets to get it off and have x-rays done again. The meds are keeping her calm and relaxed and she's been sleeping like an angel. In fact, it's 630pm and she's out for the night! Thank you to everyone who has been calling, writing and emailing to check on her and thanks for keeping her in your thoughts!

One more pic of Emily! Izabel hasn't been interested in posing lately. Hopefully she will let me get some good ones for 27 months. She photographs so well when she wants to cooperate!

Still to come this month, Mother's Day, Izzy's Cast Off, Our Wedding Anniversary, Doc's College Graduation, Gama's Birthday, Carson's Birthday, Our Trip To Springfield, and a whole slew of other things that have my calender marked unrecognizable!!!

Alrighty ladies and gents, have a good week and hopefully I'll be ready for Haiku Friday.


Megan said...

Sounds like you are busy. I hope you get all you wanted to get accomplished, accomplished. The girls look adorable as always. I bet Izabel can't wait to get that cast off!!

Bren said...

Hope all goes well with getting the cast off.

Your pictures are so sweet!