Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy 5 Month Birthday Emily Rose

My Dearest Emily, I am late once again with your monthly letter, but in all fairness, all of us girls have been under the weather. A few days late won't hurt, I can still write about all of the fabulous things you are doing these days.

You are rolling like a tumble-weed, which is fantastic! You have such a blast playing on the floor and reaching for toys that giggle and shake, squeak and rattle. Even when you are not rolling, you somehow manage to wiggle your way across the floor. I think at one point this last month you almost ended up under the couch! You are sitting on your own very well and without something supporting you. You can also support your weight on your legs for a very good amount of time.

You have a few stuffed things, ie a bunny, that you like to put in your mouth and chew on, but most of the time you have your fist balled up and shoved clear into you wee-little mouth. No kidding, you can really put your whole fist in your mouth! When you do, you make the cutest little sucking and slurping noises. If you were eating ribs, you'd have cleaned it down to the bone!

Like your sister, you fancy a tune or two. You love to be sang to and listen to songs and sounds on your movies. Even with my out-of-tune Twinkle Twinkle, your eyes light up and you smile from ear to ear.

Emily, you continue to sleep so very well. In fact, most of the day and through the night, you can be found curled up and snoring away. I am thankful for your good sleeping habits and hope that they continue through your first few years, at least. You don't like to lay flat when sleeping so you either sleep in your swing or in your boppy in your bed. Elevation is the key.

Your eating habits are somewhat unusual, but you obviously have no problem consuming an appropriate amount of calories. At your last check up you weighed in at 16 pounds! That is wonderful and we are so grateful to have a healthy little Princess. I let you try some rice cereal on your 5 month birthday and you wanted nothing to do with the food or the spoon. We are going to wait a few more weeks and then try again. With hope, you will take to food as well as your sister did.

You love to babble up a storm Miss Emily. You screech and roar, babble and coo all-day-long! It's fascinating to sit and watch you talk to whatever fancies your attention at that moment. Sometimes you are so serious and I wonder what in the world you are talking about. You are easily excited by the sight of Izabel. You immediately smile and start screeching at her, as if to say, "Look at me!" You love Izzy very much and request her attention more than she's willing to give. She loves to play with you but her attention span is that of a fly right now.

Emily you are growing so fast and you are such a beautiful little Princess. We are so proud of your accomplishments. We love you very much!

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