Friday, April 11, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle, My Two Stars!

Izabel has a love for the arts. Everything from drawing, singing, dancing and puppet playing. For a couple of weeks now, Izabel has been practicing singing a few of her favorite songs on her own. This week she has all but mastered Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Last night we were able to catch it on film. At first she was singing to Emily and then she brought out her musical instruments and played along with her own voice. It was neat to watch her. Emily loves when Izabel sings to her. She smiles from ear to ear and looks as though she wants to join right in.
I was folding laundry during the evening which explains laundry baskets in the corners of the videos. A mother's laundry is never done!

*Miss Rosie, I know she wouldn't sing for you earlier, but here she is!

This morning we had Playgroup and our first Kindermusik class. There were lots of children there today. Izabel played on as usual. I did catch a short confrontation between Izabel and another little boy. She was playing with a See and Say and a little boy came up and tried to take it from her. Izabel said nothing and just held tight to her toy. Not really tugging or anything but she wasn't done with it and she was going to hang on. After the little boy let go, she quickly ran away and found a nice little corner to play with it in. I didn't involve myself in the situation because I wanted to see how she was going to handle it. I think she did well. There was no fighting or anything and Izabel never made faces or got angry. She simply hung on and then left. I am proud of the way she handled it although I have hopes that next time she allow the other child to play WITH her and the same toy. I have seen her do it, so I am not worried.

Kindermusik was a lot of fun. Izabel sat in the music circle for a majority of the class but wondered off toward the end to go play with other things. We sang songs and danced and played different musical instruments. Izabel really liked being in the middle of the circle, dancing her own moves to the music. She was quite the cutie pie! Emily really enjoyed watching all the children during Kindermusik as well. She had lots of smiles for everyone and even found a little 2 year old girl to play with her a little.

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