Friday, April 11, 2008

Haiku Friday-Spring Storms

Haiku Friday

The Thunder Rolls In
Lightning Flashes All Around
Hail Clutters Dirt

Clouds Cast Grey Shadows
A Double Rainbow Appears
Rain Drops Show Themselves

*I had a hard time determining if the word "hail" is one syllable or two. I even tried looking it up to no avail. Today I chose to use the word as two syllables. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

i say 2, of course i'm originally from tx and we would say hayyy-el.

the planet of janet said...

hayell yes!

Joyce said...

Beautiful, seasonal haiku.
According to my Webster's, the schwa sound may or is sometimes voiced, which would make it two syllables in that case. :)

I LOVE your header, by the way!

storyteller said...

How sweet are those girls!
Precious indeed is her song ;--)
Such fun videos!

Amazing rainbow
‘capture’ in the photograph …
Expressive Haiku!

I don't know about the syllabication of 'hail' ... but who's counting anyway? Thanks for visiting Sacred Ruminations this morning. I do Haiku Friday on each of my blogs. Here's the other link if you have time to check it out:
Of Oddities and Change

Hugs and blessings,

Tumblewords: said...

Great stuff! Really enjoyed your work!