Friday, April 11, 2008

Trouble In Paradise- Volume Two

My Dear Readers,

I have been doing a lot of research into why some of you are not able to access links, videos, flickr and comments. There are only about two forums discussing the same issues, but they both come to the same conclusion; web browsers. I run an iMac using web browsers Opera, Safari and Firefox. Internet Explorer is no longer available for Macs, therefore I cannot try this browser. Almost all of those who have contacted me say they are using Internet Explorer. This is the only conclusion I have come to. The following web browsers are free downloads. If you have time and space, try downloading one of them and then try accessing my web page.

Safari (Mac Users Only)

Mozilla Firefox


I am trying to get a handle on things so that I can further investigate this sudden dilemma. If you are unable to access links on this web page, email me and let me know. Please include what browser(s) you were using at the time. Thank so much!

To Contact Me, Email Me At The Following Addy:
crackerjacks51603 [at] yahoo [dot] com

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Donna. W said...

Hi there; saw your comment over at Midlife Mom's and found out you're from Excelsior Springs. That's only some 35 miles from me. We ride the motorcycle over there often, to Scott's Bargain Barn.