Sunday, March 30, 2008

Siding and Roof Are Complete

(North and West Corner)

Early Friday, The contractors finished the first phase of construction. The roof, siding and vents are complete. We are pleased with the outcome and are glad to have two very big projects out of the way. There is still more work to be done. Additional major renovations will most likely not start until June 1st.

As for smaller projects, Greg was able to finish the bathroom this weekend. New fixtures have been installed (including toilet) and I am watching the floor dry as we speak. It looks very good. Greg did it all by himself and I am so very proud of him. Painting the bathroom (again) is all that is left for that room.

We also did some major raking and dumpster loading this weekend. Okay, Greg did, but I watched. We have officially rid ourselves of any unwanted lumber and materials that were laying around from when we tore out several walls and such. It's so nice to see those piles gone. Things are looking good around here. It's been a great begining to 2008 and I only hope that we can continue to make this house our home.

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