Thursday, March 27, 2008

Emily and Izabel

Last night while playing on the floor, I happen to catch some great photos of Emily. Izabel was slightly distracted and would not allow very many pictures of her. She's so camera shy lately. She likes to be goofy instead of throwing her cute smile my way. Emily had a lot of fun last night and lasted longer than usual. She's starting to grab things now and hold them longer each time. Her BUMBO seems more appealing as well. I think because of the change of view.

I really like this photo because of the drool I caught in mid-flow. It's rare that I catch something as cool as drool!

This is only one of two photos I captured of Izabel. It has kind of an awkward angle, but still kinda cute. Didn't mean to cut the top of Emily's head off!

There are plenty more pictures over at FLICKR!. Take a look HERE and Enjoy!

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Megan said...

Sweet pictures. Your girls are so beautiful!!