Thursday, March 27, 2008

Siding Continues

The siding is coming along quite nicely. It really makes a difference in appearance as well. We are one of the few homes in the area with siding. Most older homes have not been updated and still use the asbestos shingles. We are pleased with the transformation and are eager to begin re-sanding and re-painting. The blue/grey color is no longer appealing. Everything that is the blue/grey color plus all of the house trimmings and window treatments will be a barn red. Had the siding company offered a deep red siding we would have chosen it. We love red and since we couldn't have it the siding color, it will accent our Sandcastle color even better.

The contractors worked a little bit this morning, but the cold wind and rains sent them home early. I am excited they are making such great progress, but I am grateful for a day without the pounding of hammers and the the purr of saws. They did finish the North end of the house which leaves only the back of the house (West Side) to side. We revisited or contract last night and decided a few more things could get done while they were here. Just little stuff, but stuff that will make a lifetime of a difference.

Southern and Eastern Portions Were Finished Yesterday.

Upper Level Entrance

Upper Level Entrance

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