Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cold Bug Catches Both Girls

So after Daddy's battle all week with the Flu and Emily dealing with an URI, Izabel joined the gang early this morning. Neither of the girls slept well last night, which made for a long night for me. Emily seems to be handling the URI okay but has started coughing more today and showing signs of increased discomfort. Izabel woke in the middle of the night throwing up and snot running all over her face. Both girls got the only thing they could have, Tylenol, about 2 hours ago. Now they are both sleeping soundly enough for me to take a nap myself. Izabel sat in her room in the rocking chair quietly watching cartoons until she grabbed her pillow and fell asleep in the chair. Emily zonked out in her swing. Poor babies...wish them well soon.

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Bren said...

Those pictures are adorable! Don't they always look the sweetest when they're sleeping?