Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy 25th Month Birthday Izabel Grace

My Dearest Izabel, 25 months and you are still going strong. There is no exaggeration when I say that you hit the floor running as soon as you awake in the morning. You are just one big ball of energy, all day, every day. You literally run in circles!

You love to talk and chat up a storm with whomever will listen, although it does take you a few minutes to warm up to strange adults. When we go to the park and there are other children, you do not hesitate to make conversation and start chasing them around. Such a social butterfly you are.

Everyday you amaze me at how smart you are. You know so many things; things I didn't even know you knew. You know most shapes, a lot of colors and you can count all the way to 12. We are still working on your ABC's. You used to be good at them, but took numbers as first in line. You have begun to sing your ABC's with some missing letters, but it's so darn cute. Besides the ABC song, you love to sing in general. You have been practicing Twinkle Twinkle and Ring Around The Rosie. You have the sweetest little voice!

Eating and Sleeping are always hot topics for you. You continue to grow, but you seem to eat less and less everyday. Of course "choco'lot" is a word you learned very fast. You know what it is and how much you like it! You sleep very well, just not in your own bed. Even with Emily sleeping right next to you in her crib, each night you remove yourself from your bed and curl up on the couch. I am not sure why the couch is so appealing, I've slept there many of nights and find YOUR bed much more comfy.

Izabel, you continue to love to draw and color. Coloring is so much fun anyway, but you seem to take it to the next level. Coloring books suffice, but you usually run for my printer and grab as much white paper as possible. You like to create your own design instead of coloring in a picture. Coloring is good and you have most likely inherited that wonderful gene from your father. Just one of the many gifts your father has given you!

You are doing great with a baby sister in the house. Some days you want to play with her all day long and help feed her. Other days I don't think you even remember she's here. You sure can make Emily smile. She lights up and turns her head when she hears you giggling away. It sends goosebumps through me when I see you girls interacting. You are going to be the best of sisters!

To 25 Months Miss Izabel Grace, and 25 More! We love you so very much Princess!

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