Sunday, December 2, 2007

Opa and Nanny Jack Visiting

Opa Jack and Izabel

Nanny Jack with Emily and Opa Jack with Izabel

A Family of FOUR

Nanny and Opa spent a nice quiet day with us and the girls. Nanny cooked some great food for us and both her and Opa took turns playing/holding Izabel and Emily. Izabel has grown very fond of them and really attached herself to Nanny today.

Of course any day with Izabel is not complete unless she is being goofy. Her smiles speak a thousand words and these were some of the best. Izabel found Opa to be quite funny; he must have told one heck of a good joke. And to the right, Izabel wasn't going to let Emily be the center of attention in this photo. Nothing like a really good "cheese"!!

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