Sunday, December 2, 2007

Family Pictures and First Night

Our first night at home was excellent! Emily has shown to be quite the eater and sleeper and hardly fusses at all. She slept wonderfully through-out the night. Izabel and Emily both went to sleep around the same time. Izabel has been the best little Princess around Emily and didn't make a stir or peep when Emily awoke to eat in the night. Both days and nights are going rather smoothly I have to say. Things have been calm and both girls have had no problems with sharing Daddy and I. Izabel especially has shown NO jealousy or anything. She loves to rub Emily's head while she's eating and name Emmy's various body parts. Izabel also likes to try and give Emily her binky, but otherwise has continued to play as usual and watch cartoons as if there is no other in the room.

I am glad to be home and am so pleased with how the time has been passing. I was ready to panic and be overwhelmed, but honestly folks, this morning I even had time to forget I had two girls in the house. I have tons of good pics to update with but we still have family in. At times when things are slower I will update with what I have.

Nanny Jack and Emily
Opa Jack and Emily
Great Uncle John and Aunt Pat with Emily
Cousin Kristin with Emily
Mommy and Me
Grandma Moss and Emily (Papa Moss was there too, but I have NO pictures. Maybe someone else caught one.)
Auntie Jen and Carson with Emily
Auntie Jen, Carson and Izabel
Our beautiful brown eyed nephew Carson.
Friends Karen, Hunter, and Tucker with Emily (LOVE THE BLANKET- Thank you so much, it's beautiful!)

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