Monday, December 3, 2007

Mommy's ReCap- Part 2

The remainder of visiting family has gone and I can now take a moment to recap Emily's arrival for you. There's not much to tell because Emily's birth was well thought out months in advance. But here goes...

Greg and I and Izabel arrived at the hospital at 6am on Thursday morning. Izabel looked adorable as she was awake and dressed before we left the house. She knew it was a big day. We got to the hospital and things started to go pretty quickly. I was settled into my room, IV's put in and meds started. I was nervous and anxious at the same time. The birthing nurse was very nice, but made it seem as though time was going to pass so quickly and it would be over before I knew it.

Everything did happen quickly and all at once I was in the operating room awaiting my epidural at 715am. Ah yes, the epidural. I wasn't looking forward to this part at all due to the amount of scar tissue from previous surgeries. Sure enough it took them quite awhile to get the epidural in. They tried several different times in a few different places. Not good! In the end I have a black and blue back.

So I am finally numb and high on oxygen being pumped through my nose. Greg comes in and sits down beside me and we are finally ready to go. The first cut was made and it took them only minutes to pull miss Emily Rose from her underwater world. I had lots of water and it took Doc a few minutes to get that out of the way. Emily was born at 7:57am and followed in her sister's footsteps by already screaming as they were pulling her out. Her cry was much louder than Izabel's and Emily did a lot of it. I watched as they cleaned her and measured her. She cried but mostly when someone was touching her. Even laying on the table naked, my little girl didn't cry until someone was near her. Daddy was next to her the whole time and took as many pictures as he could. The nurses were great and took pictures for us as well.

The day was amazing and we had our families there to be with us. It couldn't have gone any better. Greg and I can hardly believe we are a family of four now. Two beautiful girls have blessed us with their presence and it has made our world such a better place.

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