Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Precious In Every Way

Izabel and Emily are doing great! The last couple of days have really been a lot of fun. Izabel has really taken to her sister and just yesterday decided to play a more active role in her life. She really enjoys giving Emily a bottle and quickly retrieving a binky if needed. When Emily is in her swing, Izabel stands right there to ensure the blanket doesn't come off and that she is swinging at just the right pace. Izabel hasn't really taken interest in changing diapers, but has to sit right next to Emily while she is being changed.

Emily herself has been doing great too. She is already showing to have good strong neck muscles and tries her hardest to hold her head up at every moment she can. She has rolled herself to her side twice now in her bassinet. She's just as eager as Izabel was. It's amazing to see how much Emily is changing everyday. She is completely different than Izabel was, THUS FAR. She sleeps really well and eats pretty good too. In fact, I've barley seen her eyes open.

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