Monday, January 23, 2012

First Snow Day of the Winter! | Jan 2012

We've had a very mild Winter this year, and I'm not complaining one bit! :) It's been cold, but it's also been very warm. And there has been no snow! Well, no snow until January 18th, when we had about 2 inches fall.

Two inches and The Littles were OVER THE MOON! I mean it, they were thrilled! They bundled up in their new, never used snowsuits and boots and ventured out.

The Littles | First Snow 2012
The Littles | First Snow 2012

Izzy and Emmy couldn't wait. After all, they know what snow is and they had been asking for ages when it was going to snow. They made snow angels and dug through the light accumulation to find treasures lost. They begged to go sledding, but there just wasn't enough snow. However, they managed to use their snowsuits and slide down the backyard, which worked out really well. They got some speed too. LOL!

That leaves Alexander. He's seen snow. He's been in the snow. But he was only months old and bundled beyond belief. He most likely doesn't even remember it. So this year, as soon as he stepped foot outside, he SQUEALED! The girls were pretty excited, but nothing compared to the extreme awe and wonder of Alexander. =) He wanted to play forever. He loved every bit of it. I think the proof is in the photo.
The Littles | First Snow 2012


Kaci said...

So pretty! XOXO

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

They look so excited to be out in the snow!

karl said...

What have you done with their wintercoats they are wearing here i gues they grown out of it now.