Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Leaps and Bounds | Little's Update

So long between updates is frustrating me slightly. It's not an intentional oversight, however, we've been busy with this and that.

Children do not stop growing while I am busy though. LOL! So here's a little insight into what The Little's are up to.

Summer has officially arrived. The Heat Advisory tells me so as does the electric bill that will now have our A/C charges on it. The Little's have been spending every moment they can outside. I've never seen two girls more in love with Dandelions and Clover. Should you need your yard picked clean, they are your best option. :)
Izabel | May 2011Emily | May 2011

We had a very nice Mother's Day, spent at home playing games and eating wonderful food. I received a beautiful handmade book from Izzy, that she had drawn pictures of her and I. She's so very talented in the art department. :)

This time of year, The Little's have most of their Pedi and Dental check ups. Thus far, Izzy and Alexander have had all of theirs and Emmy will finish hers up in about 2 weeks. Everyone is healthy and happy and growing great! Izzy also had her cast taken off just after Easter and everything healed nicely. She's so happy to be out of her cast and back on the trampoline. :)

Izzy, Alexander and Emmy | 05/09/11
Izzy-63 Months, Alexander-9 Months, and Emmy-42 Months

Look at my cute little munchkins! I can hardly believe Izzy will start school in 2 weeks. A whole month of Summer School and then her first day of Kindergarten will arrive in early August. She's 5 years old. Where did the time go?

Emmy keeps me on my toes. We been working on numbers and letters and writing her name. She's coming around but doesn't take interest in "school" stuff like Izzy does. She'd rather play with her babies or watch Jurassic Park. Over, and over, and over. :) She had her preschool screening last week and didn't qualify. She passed with flying colors and even topped out in the 90th percentile.

Alexander | 9 Months! <3

Alexander is 9 months old now and had his check up on Monday. He's doing great and continues to be such a happy baby! He's scooting around wherever he wants to go and has started pulling up in his crib. He has soo much cute blond hair and EIGHT teeth! He had his first dental check up today and he was so good. No problems with his teeth and we expect more to come in soon.

Nine Month Measurements as Follows:
Head: 18.75 (97th%)
Length: 28.5 Inches (60th%)
Weight: 28lbs 4ozs (Way off the charts!)

With Summer finally here, we have lots of plans and exciting adventures ahead. I can't wait to share with you our travels. :) In the meantime, the pool is calling!

Happy Tuesday!


Lindsay said...

AWESOME Pics - you're kids are just too darn adorable...but I gotta tell you, that 28 lbs makes my back hurt just reading it......gosh darn it though - LOVE those rubberband wrists!!

mummyof6monsters said...

i have missed your blog!!!!LOVE the new header *sigh* gorgeous pics, as always! And Alexander is about 3 times the size of eden hehehe

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad everybody is doing so well!!!

Holly said...

Oh, that picture of the three of them together! How can you not just pass out from the delight?

I just love Alexander's baby cheeks!