Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Randomness At It's Best

We've been very busy these last few weeks, which is why there are still some fifty unanswered emails in my inbox. I promise to get to you. :)

The girls are doing well, still sick, but well. Sick as in the docs are still trying different meds to control the chronic lung infections they are having. They just finished a second round of high doses of oral steroids as well. This round wasn't as productive as the first, but still some progress. They have also been upped on Pulmicort and Albuteral to four times a day. So far, not much change, but we are working on it. Please keep them in your thoughts as we try to determine the cause of these episodes. :) Thank you.

Last Friday, the girls and I were on the run all day. Errand and errand kept us in the car. We finally had a lull in between appointments, so we made a quick trip to Crown Center and Hallmark's Kaleidoscope. They love this little center and had so much fun. More photos to come from this adventure soon.

Izzy 'N Emmy

This weekend is Emmy's 2nd birthday party. Yes, can you believe my baby girl will be two?! I can't. And she's not so much a baby anymore. lol! It's a Sesame Street theme, as her love for Elmo is quite prominent these days. Of course there will be tons of photos to share.

Izzy's still practicing her ballet and is excited for class this weekend. IF you missed photos of her class last weekend, be sure to check out Our Little Ballerina.

Tmrw night, around this time, the handsome hubby and I will be in the theater waiting for the midnight showing of New Moon to start! yay!! So excited for this and have been counting down for months. Anyone else going to see it?

More updates over at Captures too. Business is slow right now, as the weather doesn't make for cozy photos. It's been very cold and rainy here. We also had our first snow of the season on Monday. Just a dusting, but enough for Izzy to wake me up, yelling out the window, "Mommy it snowed!"

Hope everyone is well and preparing for a festive holiday season. I miss reading your blogs and hope to be around soon! Thanks for checking in on us! *hugs*


Brutally Honest said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Emmy. I hope they feel ok...bless their little hearts being sick for so long! And SOOOOOO excited for NM Too!

Unknown said...

My daughter is celebrating her 2nd birthday too soon! I didn't realize how close they were in age!

Happy Birthday to your little princess

{Kimber} said...

Happy BD to the little princess!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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Dawn said...

The twins will be having their big 2 soon too! I can't believe it.