Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Princess Emmy's Sick

Good morning! If you are wondering how Tucker is doing, don't forget to check out my Twitter updates. As of a few moments ago, the medical team was getting in to place to remove the vent. PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that all goes well. He had a very rough night full of complications and little sleep. He's been trying to rest today and the Doc thinks he's ready to extubate. More updates will come as they are available. Update: Tucker is off the vent and on a cpap mask. YAY!!! Way to go little man!


As for my sweet little peanut, well she has a Strep infection that has brought on Scarlet Fever. Yep, who knew that little infection was still floating around these days. We caught it early, today is only day two of symptoms. The doctor wasn't that surprised, but I was. The one thing we left the house for this last week, The Wiggles. It's the only place she could have contracted something. She wasn't chewing on the seats or anything and she never left Daddy's lap, so anyways, someone must have been breathing in her direction.

She's not acting too sick, just not sleeping well and not eating much of anything. Those who know my peanut know that both of those signs are big ones. She eats EVERYTHING and sleeps at least 13 hours a night with a 2 hour nap during the day. I didn't really think too much of those signs though. Around age 2, Izabel changed things up too. However, yesterday after her 30 minute nap, Emmy woke up with a rash that started at the top and was working it's way down her body.

Daddy went in to check on Emmy early this morning and her body was covered in this rash and large hives. I called and got her in right away. A throat swab and heal prick later she was diagnosed with the Strep and Scarlet Fever.

She's tolerating things well. She needs more sleep, lots of fluids and a few meds a day for about 10 days. As long as the fevers are controlled everything should be through her system soon.

She's super contagious, and my throat is a little scratchy, so keep us in your thoughts and hope she's better soon. Neither of the girls have been sick all Summer, we were bound to catch something.

Oh and P.S! Emmy weighed in a t 31 pounds. Did you know Izzy, who is almost 4 years old, weighs 32 pounds?


Megan said...

Poor baby :( Hope she feels wells soon. Sorry it took me so long to get back with you about the berries and the zoo. We actually live in SE Kansas so it was in Independence, KS. I figured you thought I meant MO. Sorry!!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness...bless her little heart! I hope she recovers well!

Rachelle said...

I sure hope Emmy feels better soon!