Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've been kind of a recluse the past couple of weeks. I've mostly been lacking in the blogging world. I guess I was taking an unexpected break from the blogosphere for awhile. With that being said, my Nikon has been taking the same break as well. lol!

Our new sewer pipes were laid in on Saturday by my most delicious husband, so that was a huge thing to check off the list. Hubby did so much digging and yucky stuff but everything worked out great and all is well with the water running where it should.

After much of the day was spent filling that humongous hole, Hubby set the concrete and put up our new flag pole and flag. It looks wonderful and is almost the first thing you see when coming up our street. We made a quick trip to Home Depot and bought a bunch of flowers to plant around it. It looks great with the stone circle around it and two shining beacons to keep the flag in sight at all times.

Our New Flag Pole

Much of the day was spent outside, playing and cleaning. It was nice to be able to do some yard work before the temps reach an unbearable degree of heat.

I've re-read the entire series of Twilight, finishing up the last one last night. I'm hesitant to remove myself from such a wonderful series but I'll pick something else for a bit. I am anxious to see some new trailers for New Moon but it appears that nothing concrete is available from Summit until sometime in May. I feel like I need to join a group, "Twilighter's Anonymous"

The girls have been doing well and appear to be over their colds. Emmy finished the last of her antibiotics on Sunday. Today, Emily slept until almost 11am. That put her at almost 15 hours of sleep. I was a little concerned but I watched her breathing to keep my mind at ease. She woke up in a great mood so we went to the store for milk. Almost two hours had passed since the time she woke up. She threw up on me and the proceeded to go take a nap. She's been sleeping for almost 2 hours now.

Who knows what we've run in to now. I've been a little paranoid about the whole Swine Flu outbreak but we've been at home most of the time. Maybe she's just catching another cold of some type.

Emmy Riding Dino
Emily Climbing

Izabel's doing well and very antsy to be outside all day. She's become terrified of bugs for some reason and runs around screaming at the slightest ant she finds. Hopefully that will phase out soon. I am no friend to spiders or creepy crawly centipedes, but there's no escaping the ants.

Izabel also has her first appointment with a preschool in a couple of weeks. We are going to fill out some paperwork to be put on the waiting list. There are only 22 spots open this year so while I am not holding my breath that she will be accepted, it still gives us a good head start.

Izabel Swinging
Izabel Sliding

So that about sums up my absence. Of course you can add in all the little mundane things that always seem to need attention.
These photos of the girls are from a park visit last week. It was so incredibly hot and sticky. Hope everyone is having a great week, Enjoy!


Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

I've been taking a break from the blog world as well. I throw up a post here and there, but not where near as much as I used to.

Your girls are precious. I love seeing pictures of them :) My 4yr old boy has a yucky cold right now. Bad cough. My 2yr old has a runny nose. I dislike colds. They're really annoying lol.

Your flag is beautiful. I wish I could put something like that in our front yard. Unfortunately, with our track record, I'm sure it would get stolen *eyes roll*

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Welcome back to blog land! The pictures are adorable, as always! I hope Emmy is feeling better soon. The swine flu has me anxious as well!

4 Lettre Words said...

Glad to catch up. And, I soooo love that slide pic. Great capture!