Monday, April 13, 2009

Eggs Everywhere!

Busy as can be the past few days. Nothing too major, unless you count my new-to-me stove going out, the plumbing downstairs overflowing EVERYWHERE, and hubby and the girls becoming sick.


See, my strain of bad luck comes in waves. Not little tidbits here and there.

The stove, well the top works but the darn oven isn't working. Wouldn't you know I figured it out AFTER I made an apple pie for Easter. No one has really looked at it so I am not sure if it can be fixed or if I am going to have to hunt down Craigslist again. I really love this stove, despite it's age, so I hope it can be fixed rather then tossed.

The plumbing, yep. This will be the second time that I'll despise that huge 100+ year old Oak out in my front yard. So far, everything is backing up in the basement. I'd move out if any of that crud came anywhere near the living part of our house. Time to go and clean out of the pipes again. Volunteers??

In the meantime, don't use the garbage disposal, the dishwasher, the shower, the potty and don't you dare wash a load of clothes! The spinning and draining of water is not a good thing.

And finally, Daddy has a sore throat and cold and the girls have be running fevers for 48+ hours now. Just fevers, loss of appetite, and lots of sleeping. No other symptoms have presented themselves...YET.

This is just life, nothing to fret about. While I am over here whining about it, check out the Princesses waiting for the Easter Bunny. I'll be uploading more Easter Day photos throughout the week. Nothing like dragging out the holiday. lol!

Oh, and the title of this post, well I'm already secretly throwing away those craplastic eggs the girls got in their baskets. Silly things are everywhere and not a single one is whole. loL!!


Laura Marchant said...

Their dresses are so cute!

The Bryant Family said...

Oh girl.....I am so sorry. I am glad, however, to see a post that shows some frustration because you never show it. :) Life happens girly.....let me see if ALvin still has that extra stove with the microwave on top.
I dont know a plumber but I can ask around. My brother lives up that way, he might know someone as well.
Let me know if I can do anything. I hope everyone feels better soon. THis darn weather is crazy and bad for the illnessess.

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

So sorry to hear about the bad luck! I hope it all gets better soon!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh that really stinks... hope everyone feels better soon. And the joys of living in an older home! Ugh, we've had to get our drains cleaned out twice for that same thing. We've had so many trees ripped out of our yard, it's crazy. LOL

Love the Easter pics, the girls are gorgeous and that place looks like fun!!


4 Lettre Words said...

Well, the pics are great! :o)

Pami said...

they look so beautiful i love the dresses