Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thursday Thirteen- Edition "I"

1. Izabel - My first daughter's name. I always knew it would be her name. Daddy and I had a hard time agreeing on how to spell it though.

2. Indianapolis - I loved Indy when Greg and I went. We stayed in the best hotel there! And they still had White Castles.

3. Ichabod - The first cat Greg and I owned. He was grey and white and we called him "Ike".

4. Identity Theft - We've been victims of this. Terrible mess!

5. Illness - Izabel has come down with the sniffles this week. Let's hope that's all.

6. Illusionist - I love magic and all of those illusions. I'm seriously stunned by some of their tricks.

7. Illustrator - Greg is a very good artist. We've talked about writing a children's book and he doing the artwork.

8. Immediately - My children always want something immediately. lol!

9. Immunize - Completely in agreement. I vaccinate my children.

10. In-Laws - I get along with my in laws. I talk to my mother in law more often than Greg does sometimes. lol!

11. Incentive - Who doesn't like the little extras along the way.

12. Incision - I've had two c-sections and the incision was done very nicely and hardly noticeable.

13. Income - Like so many, it's something we need more of.

Bare with me for the next 26 weeks as I participate in Thursday Thirteen, Alphabetically. I think it's going to be a lot harder than I thought. LOL!

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Happy Thursday Thirteen and don't forget to visit a few other participants! Have Fun!


Laura Marchant said...

I have to tell you, you thought of some "i" words that I don't think I would have thought of.

Anonymous said...

OK your I words are soo creative..mine are lame!! LOL

I love the way you spell your daughters name!!!


4 Lettre Words said...

Wow...great list! The first one I thought of was "infant".

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

You scream. I scream. We all scream for income! :)

Donna. W said...

Usually you and I have a couple the same. Not this week!

Brandie said...

we have been victims of identity theft as is scary nary..someone used our card in india..over 1000.00 dollars in 15 min