Friday, February 13, 2009

The Day Of Surgery

Izabel made it onto the operating table today, after almost a year long wait. Everything went smoothly and I am happy to report we are home and recovering. Thank you to each and every one of you who sent us all your thoughts, prayers and good vibes. They worked!

Izabel did great the entire time! She checked in like a big girl and was calm as can be. She did get frightened by the pulse ox monitor but after we convinced her it really wasn't going to hurt, she loved it. We were so proud of her and the way she handled everything. While waiting we played Barbies. It was actually quite amusing except for the fact they really do make getting them dressed quite difficult! lol!

We insisted on using Verset before she was taken from us. The doctors had no problem with the request. As you can see from above, Izabel didn't either. She was happy! Her and Baby Jaguar were wheeled back to the operating room in a wagon about 7:35am. Daddy and I tearfully said our good-byes and went to wait in the waiting room.

Those were the longest 2+ hours of our life.

Izabel came out of surgery and into the recovery room at 8:31am. The nurses called down to let us know she was doing well and they were attempting to extubate and wake her. Every doctor, nurse and individual she came in contact with said she did beautifully. There were no complications or concerns. We were so relieved to hear this.

Shortly before 10am we were reunited with our Princess. She was dazed, confused and in a little pain. I think she barely knew who we were when they wheeled her into the Family Recovery Room. As soon as the nurse let down her crib rail, she reached for Daddy. There she sat, holding on tight and mumbling things we couldn't make out.

She had some rough times throughout today, but nothing too bad. We think she was more tired than anything. Her skin is slightly yellow and there are dark patches around her eyes. She looks pale. All of these physical mentions are from the anesthesia. But other than that, she's doing great. She was able to get up and walk around on her own by this afternoon.

More photos from our long day will be up soon. As usual, I have been busy with so many other things. Not to mention I still have Zoo photos to get up. lol!

P.S. It's 12:09am, Happy Valentines Day, From our heart to yours!


Anonymous said...

awwwww she doesnt look like she feels very well, i dont like seeing the needle in her tiny little hand!!

I am relieved that you are home!

So Happy V day to you and your family as well!

Celeste said...

So glad that it came out so good.

Jennifer Bowen said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so glad your daughter is doing great after her surgery. What a brave little girl! I'm sure you and your hubby are very proud. You have a beautiful family. :)

The Bryant Family said...

Happy Valentines Day. I am glad all went well. She is growing so.... It is so hard to leave them and send them down that long hallway for ANY kind of surgery, it literally breaks your heart. I am glad all is good......and THANK YOU

Dawn said...

What an ordeal for all of you - and such a long wait. Thank the Lord it's over and she's doing so well!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Valentine Capital of the World. I'm off to do a late V-day post.

Rachelle said...

I'm so glad her surgery went well. I am always nervous too when Joey has to be put under. Happy belated birthday to Izzy! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your familiy!

Alicia W. said...

Bless her little heart! I hope you guys have a nice relaxing weekend at home. Happy Valentines from our family to yours. :o)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I'm glad she did so well! *hugs*

tommie said...

So glad things went well! I have been thinking of y'all.

Michelle said...

I'm so glad to hear everything went well and she did great throughout!