Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Baking 2008

On Saturday we joined Karen for her annual Christmas Baking day. A day where mother's and daughters gather in the kitchen to make all kinds of goodies to take home for the holidays. The girls and I had so much fun baking and decorating cookies. Izabel really got into the decorating. I am sure those who consume her cookies will have a nice sugar high from the 5 inches of frosting or so per cookie. LOL!

(A True Cookie Artist)

Emmy pondered around the table, trying to grab what she could to snack on. She really enjoyed tasting all the goodies as they piled up in every corner of the kitchen and dining room. The girls and I took homemade Gingerbread men to decorate and I made Paula Dean's Cookie Dough Balls. I think both turned out great if I do say so myself.

(Cookie Monster On The Move)

There were so many great recipes from the women there. Some of the wonderful goodies made took a lot of time and effort from my fellow bakers. Karen was kind enough to put together my box while I gathered the Princesses. She gathered as much as she could from what goodies were already done. Everything you can imagine was in that box. From special hand dipped chocolates, to cookies, to nuts. So yummy!

Thank you to Karen for opening up your home to us and inviting us over to enjoy this special tradition with you. And thank you for being so kind and generous to my girls.

Oh, and Karen, I am sorry if you find some white chocolate somewhere in your living room!

More photos from our Holiday Baking day can be found over at FLICKR!


Daddy and I took the girls to see Santa on Friday night. It was unplanned, but there was no line so we couldn't pass up the chance. I have a photo and a story to share tmrw as well as Emily's annual check up results. I hope you will come back and read more.

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Aly @ Lip Zip said...

Those pictures are making my mouth water! What a fun day you had. I'm jealous (and now hungry too!).

The Bryant Family said...

Ok since my son was so darn cranky I was going to see if you can send me some of the photos you got. I am going to have Kelly forward me hers as well. I have a whole 6 I think and that isnt enough to scrapbook a page with.
Thanks for coming. I am so glad you made it. I hope you enjoyed yourself. We have soooo much missed out on the fudge and a few other things. I hope you can come again ...we enjoyed having you. The girls were great and Izabel was all about the reason we do this. She didnt hesitate to get in there and do, which is what we want. :0 I hope the frosting comes out of her pretty purple sweater.

Anonymous said...


I have a little cookie monster on the prowl too!!!!! ;-)

Karen Coutu said...

Oh, I'll take a dozen of each of those on the bottom row there. ;P

Alisha, I hope you'll accept this award . . .

Unknown said...

I would be happy to find white chocolate in my living room. :) Those cookies look GREAT!

Tabitha Blue said...

Ok, those treats look delish!!!! and the girls are too cute!!! Looks like a fun evening!!


storyteller said...

Definitely looks FUN and tasty too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG! Yummmmmm! All that looks so perfect and soooo good! Loved your santa pics too! I can't believe they were laughing!