Sunday, October 5, 2008

GladFest 2008

Saturday we took the girls to GladFest. The weather was perfect and we all needed an excuse to get out of the house. The festival was much larger than it has been previous years. There were all kinds of rides Izzy could ride, camel rides, crafts, great food and plenty of games.

Both girls were well behaved, which is always a good thing, and the fresh air did them some good. Emily was feeling better too.

Izzy Riding A Motorcycle

Emmy Riding The Carousel

I haven't updated nearly as much as I would have liked this last week. Important things are missing from Izzy 'N Emmy's milestone posts which includes Emily turning 10 months old this week. Emmy was sick most of the week with a mild cold and she was quite attached to me. Besides her cold though, she has been doing fabulous things.

Princess Emily (GladFest)

*Emily took her first unassisted steps last Friday, the 26th of September. Three days shy of being 10 months. Then on Sunday the 28th, she took four unassisted steps! YAY!!! She's been doing great and standing alone very well. I expect her to take off running any day.

*She can say "dada", "hi dada", "mama" and "bop bop". Bop Bop is her way of saying beep beep. It came about during a game her and Daddy were playing. Daddy asked her to say "beep beep" and she would say "bop bop".

*She's moved from her high chair to her very own place at the table. Her and Izzy have really enjoyed sitting at the table together.

*She's been in a big girl carseat for a couple of weeks now, but I may have forgotten to mention it. She's in a big girl seat but remains to face backwards until she can clear 20 pounds and her first birthday. Both are very near!

I hope to get to her 10 month birthday photos and more info at some point this week.

Princess Izabel (GladFest)

Izabel has been on a major art adventure the last week or so. Her artwork is fabulous and evolving at an amazing rate. She loves to draw smiley faces and spiders. I'm going to get some of them scanned in and uploaded soon as well.

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Chasity said...

Yay Emmy for taking steps & saying things!! It's so exciting watching them learn to walk!!! Yay Izzy for drawing smiley's & spiders!! I love your photos they are always so beautiful! :o)

On a side note about the woman touching Izzy!! That was so thoughtful that she just went to the restroom and washed her hands (gagging) lol!! People always amaze me!!!

Bren said...

Emmy on that carousel is just so adorable! And I'm loving Izzy's high tops. Too cute!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh what sweet pics!! I love all the great activities that fall brings our way! We just went to an apple orchard today near our home, where they have all sorts of games and play areas set up, petting zoo, hay rides, apple and pumpkin picking. We have a 2 year old and she enjoyed every second! Great photos of your little ones, they are adorable.

Unknown said...

She walking?! Yay, go girl! I can wait to see Izzy's art! :) They both look like they loved the rides!

The Bryant Family said...

I wish we would have done that instead of the pumpkin patch. Maybe I will remember to go next year. It has to be better than the boring Apple fest in Weston. Tuck might enojoy the rides by then too. The girsl are growing so... :)

My Three Sons said...

Those pictures were too cute. My oldest started walking at 10 1/2 months but my other two were almost 13 months. I thought it was a great thing because of having him and his little brother so close together. You are going to really have your hands full now!! Good luck with that.

Michelle said...

what a fun time! and first steps already! Oh my!

Kmommy said...

Gotta love all those milestones! :)