Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've Met Her IRL!

Come November of this year, I will have been blogging for 3 years. Three wonderful years of my life and my family. In all that time I have never met any of my fellow blogging buddies. Sure I stay in touch with several and some I even email back and forth numerous times a day.

Well last Saturday I had the opportunity to finally meet up with one of my favorite bloggers; Lisa over at Lisa's Chaos. Lisa is a fairly new blogging buddy of mine. I came across her blog by way of PhotoStory Friday. I was immediately drawn to her site every week to see what new and absolutely amazing photos she had taken.

Each week I kept going back until one day I finally decided that even though viewing her photos was my inspiration for the day, I had to know more about her. I needed to go through and read her archives. It didn't take me long to get distracted when I came across her and her hubby's photography business website; Newdae Photography. I was speechless; I was in awe! Her and her husband's work was such an inspiration. I knew I liked Lisa's photos just from the ones she would post every week, but to see what they could really do was even more amazing! Not only do they capture out of the ordinary shots but the photo editing in itself is an art of it's own.
So, Yeah, I was drooling!!

Lisa, her Hubby and one of her sons came to Missouri, from Wisconsin, this last weekend and made a stop to see us. I was so excited the week before and then the nerves began to sink in. I'd never met a blogger IRL! What if we didn't get a long or know what to say?

All my worries were for nothing! After making it through the torrential down pour and redirecting our way around flooded roads and bridges, our families met for breakfast early Saturday morning and we had a blast! I am not sure I quit talking the whole time! I think we were all kinda amazed at how fast we started talking and what interests we had in common.

The visit was too short but I was grateful to have been able to meet Lisa and her family. I very much intend to spend more time with them in the future...If they want to!

Thank you Lisa, Hubby and Son for making the trip and taking time out of your weekend to meet me and my family. And thanks so much for Breakfast!

My only regret, two families who never leave home without their cameras and we failed to take even one photo! That's okay, maybe next time.

If you have a moment, please go over to Lisa's Chaos. You will be inspired by her words and mesmerized by her photos! There's no better way to start your day!


Enjoy some photos from this last week! It's been crazy, but the girls are doing great and I've got so many things I need to update about. Emmy even said her first two word combo; "Hi Dada"! Yeah, but we know she's a mama's girl!

Izzy's saying hilarious things by the hour and I am going to make it a goal to start writing them down and posting them. Me and my old age are not good at remembering otherwise!

More photos over in FLICKR! AND, If anyone can tell me the name of these bugs, I'd be so grateful!!


danette said...

Wow, how cool about the talking!

LOL about keeping track of funny things they say, I try to write down as much as I can but even then I miss some...

Unknown said...

Ah, you are a sweetheart! I so wish we could have had more time! But we will do it again, one way or another. :) XOXO!!

Storytellin' Mama said...

Love the photos of your kiddos... they do grow and change so quickly!!

Very fun to meet a bloggy friendin person!!

Michelle said...

How fun that you finally got to have an IRL! I'm glad you both got along so well :)

Bren said...

How cool that you got to meet!

And I'm ignoring that freaky spider below this post!