Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Things Have Come My Way

This morning I was pleased to read an email from NowPublic News. NowPublic News is covering a story on GrassHoppers being a gauge of climate change and they asked to use one of my Hopper photos for their news story. How Cool Is That!?

You can view and read the entire article here and see my Hopper photo, as well as a few select others who have been asked to participate in the story.

Go on over and have a look!


NannyJ said...

Holy Cow, that is so cool!!!!

My Three Sons said...

Congrads!! That is awesome. Your pictures make me so jealous. I think you should start putting out some photo tips in your blogs so we can take great pics as well!

Have a great day.

The Bryant Family said...

That is WAYY TOO COOL!! Congrats. Maybe this will bring many good things. Your pictures are truly great. I love the one also of Izabel walking away that you posted today, in the hat, black and white.
I too am a little jealous of the great photos. I dont know if my camera could or would even get close to those.

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

Congratulations...this may bring some awesome things with it. I still think that you should make this a career. Your pictures are awesome and you definitely deserve this. Maybe you could open your own business or something. I would come to you!!!

Dawn said...

That is wonderful news for you!

I am glad you go to meet a blog friend IRL - I have been privileged to meet 3, and it is so much fun. It's like we have known each other forever, amazing as it may seem to the uninformed!

Rachel Dominguez said...

Congrats!!! I must say, I was beginning to think it was just my house! We have them EVERYWHERE. It freaks me out. They are everywhere and I hate things that jump at me and they DO!

You take some Awesome pictures though...Congrats.


danette said...

How cool, congrats!!

Michelle said...

oh my goodness that is so neat! Congrats on such excitig news! How did they find you/your picture?