Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy 9 Month Birthday Emily Rose

My Dearest Emily, Happy nine month birthday! You've grown so much over the past month and so many new milestones have been reached! You amaze your Daddy and I everyday.

Emmy, you had your 9 month check up on Tuesday and it went super well! You are right on track for being the 9 month Princess that you are. You can do the pincher grasp, crawl, stand, pull yourself up, point, clap, sound out Mama and Dada, dance, and feed yourself.

Your 9 Month Measurements are as follows:
Weight: 20 Pounds, 2 Ounces (70th Percentile)
*Up One Pound From 6 Months

Length: 27 1/4 Inches Long (40th Percentile)
*Up One And A Quarter Inch From 6 Months

Head Circumference: 18 Inches (90th Percentile)
*Up Half An Inch From 6 Months

You have come alive this last month and your personality is really coming through. You are such a happy baby and love to laugh at your sister. You keep a constant watch on her and must be wherever she is. You and Izzy love to wrestle on the floor! If she is laying on the floor, you hurry to her and crawl up and sit on her! You are really good at playing independently too and can sit in your room and tinker for a good length of time.

Your eating and sleeping habits are awesome! You sleep through the night most of the time and love to cuddle up in a blanket. If you lose the covers in the night you wake up only to be covered back up. Your crib mattress has been lowered and the mobile out as you have taken to standing in your bed and jumping up and down! You are so happy when you are in your crib. As for your eating, well you eat everything! You have four teeth and another top two about to come through. You have almost given up baby food against my will but sometimes I can sneak a few bites in. You absolutely love noodles. Pasta salad, mac and cheese, and rotini! You really seem to live hot dogs too! That of course is a family trait we knew you'd inherit. Anything I put on your plate you eat and I am so happy! Even though you are eating well, Nutramigen is still an important part of your diet.

Princess Emmy, you are becoming such a playful and fast little girl. You are always on the move and trying to follow Mommy everywhere. You had your first spell of stranger apprehension this month. Someone tried to hold you and you did not want any part of it. Your eyes grew large and tears came immediately. You reached for me and all was right with the world again.

You weigh enough now that we had to switch you from your carrier to a big girl carseat. You've adjusted well the couple of times you've been in it but I think that it will still take time to get used to. You can longer lounge in your carrier and be restrained when on outings. That's okay though, Mommy and Daddy love to hold you and you really like to sit in carts and the stroller.

Bath time is of utmost importance to you and you LOVE the water. You splash so much that the floor is soaked. You kick your feet and turn in circles all the way around the tub. Even when you are not in the tub, you really like to play in the bathroom and stand next to the tub while sissy goes potty. (Although Izzy doesn't like it when you watch!)

It's been a wonderful month sweetheart! You are a snuggle bug and we have enjoyed every moment! The coming months hold so much for you and we are thrilled to be a part of those milestones!

We love you bunches!


NannyJ said...

So sweet!

Kristen Andrews said...

what a beautiul girl!

Chasity said...
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Chasity said...

Emmy looks so cute!! I love the dress and her bow!! Way to cute!!

Unknown said...

She is too sweet! I love her little dress and her smiles!! Kissable cheeks!

(PS - Ihope to get to respond to your email today, soon, have been way too busy last few days - sorry)

Ane said...

What a sweet way to capture her milestones! What lovely post indeed!

Anonymous said...

omg - my fave is the B/W one with her looking over her shoulder. So sweet!

Happy 9 Months Emily Rose!

danette said...

Aww, what beautiful pictures, and what a great way to keep track of her milestones! Happy 9 mos Emily!

Donielle said...

What a doll - that dress is gorgeous!

*and thanks for stopping by my blog over at Raising Peanuts!