Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emily Update

We ended up taking Emily to the Pediatrician last night for a 7:30 appointment. By late morning yesterday, Emily had become lethargic and totally miserable. Besides the fever, being lethargic and miserable were her only symptoms.

The Doc confirmed her fever, weighed her in at 19 Pounds and 9 Ounces and sent us to the room. (Emily is up 9 ounces in weight since June 10th) They tried to get a good look at her ears but Emily has very small ear canals and are not easily seen. Emily was so upset having her ears checked that the redness the doctor saw was most likely from the screaming. None the less the Doc said it could be an minor ear infection, HOWEVER, with my history, the Doc insisted we test for a UTI and/or Kidney Infection.

Emily can't be asked to pee in a cup, so they had to do a catheter; twice. It took four of us to hold her down and get a urine sample. She was screaming and fighting and insisted that this test be over with and quick. Emily is a very strong baby and if you are in the path of her kicking feet, be prepared to be bruised.

The UTI/Kidney test came back negative, thankfully. We left with a scrip for Amoxocillian but were told to wait a day or so to see if the fever would break. If it was something other than an ear infection than it would either go away or she would present with additional symptoms.

A little after 4am this morning, Emily's fever finally went down a little. She's still a little fussy and she's just been laying on the floor watching cartoons with Izzy. I am so thankful the fever has gone down. Fevers worry me.

So we will watch her today and see how things go. With any luck she'll be sleeping soundly again this evening.

*By the way, she's saying "Dada" now!! She will only say "Mama" when she's really mad; Go Figure!


Midlife Mom said...

So glad Emily's fever went down. They are just so miserable with a fever. D has swimmers ear and has been miserable with that, his poor little ears are bright red even after being on the med. I hope they are better today. I loved your post on the gasoline! lol!! I remember when I was first out of school they had a gas war here in town and the lowest price was 5 gallons for a dollar! Can you imagine?!!! 20 cents a gallon, just amazing! Gas has dropped here a few pennies per gallon but it's still over $4.00. :o(

Give the girls a hug for me and I hope Miss Emily is all better soon!xoxoxo

Karen Coutu said...

I'm so glad to hear that her fever went down a little. It is so scary when you and the doctor aren't sure what is really wrong. I hope she'll be back to her old self tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Fevers really, really are scary. I even remember being about 4 years old and watching how freaked out my mom was by my high fever. Hope she is all better really soon, but glad the fever is down at least.

Michelle said...

Oh I can't imagine how it was watching her have to get the catheter and holding her down- poor thing!

I bet she sounds so cute saying dada and mama!