Sunday, June 29, 2008

Waterfest 2008

(Izabel and Emily Watching The Parade)

This weekend kicked off with the annual Waterfest celebration here in our hometown. We already had a weekend full of events, but we took some time yesterday morning to go down and see the parade. One of two parades that is. We missed most of the good stuff, but I did catch some shots.

(One Of The Many Custom Vehicles In The Waterfest Parade)

(A Great Way To Hall Around The Kiddos!)

Both of the girls enjoyed watching the parade. The parade, and all other activities, takes place and the end of our street. A quick walk and we were able to have front row seats.

We made it back in time Saturday night from our other event to watch the fireworks display. The fireworks were being held down on mainstreet, which allowed us to get these great views from our front deck! Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE our new camera!? The fireworks pictures turned out fabulous!

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