Sunday, June 29, 2008

SWT Western Picnic

Among the many things we did this weekend, The SWT Company Picnic was held on Saturday. It was so much fun. Izabel took in the brunt of the fun! There was a bounce house, pony rides, a slip n' slide, water balloon fights, hula hooping, dancing, horse shoes, and great country western eats!

The theme was Western, so of course our girls dressed appropriately!

(Cowgirl Emily Hanging Out In The Shade Playing)

(Cowgirl Izabel, Riding Her First Pony- LOVE the Pink And White Cowgirl Boots!)

Izabel played as hard as she could yesterday. I honestly don't think we saw her half the time as she was off doing her own thing. We left the picnic around 9pm, thinking the girls would crash on the way home...Um, No! The girls were wide awake and ready for the fireworks show when we got home. They were up until 1030pm before we sent them off to bed.

(Baby Emmy)

We all had a great time. Thank you to Gamma and Papa for setting up and planning the party!

(Cowgirl and Cowboy- Roaming The Plains For Goodies)

(Cowgirl Izzy and Gamma)

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