Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vacations Are All About Numbers

  • 48 Hours Of Driving
  • 2,676 Miles
  • 2 Children
  • $xxxx.13
  • 2 Rental Cars
  • 7,275 Feet Above See Level
  • $3.99/Gallon Unleaded Gas
  • 26 Miles Per Gallon
  • Hours of Fun in the Sun

We are back from our lovely family vacation. As much as we enjoyed our vacation, it's nice to be home again. I've been working on getting photos uploaded to Flickr! and thus far there should be close to 100 already there. After all, what is a vacation without photos! The girls did great in the car ad I was thankful we could make this trip driving instead of flying. Coming back is always a little rougher, but the girls stuck it out and we hurried home like little ants!

As mentioned before, our family vacation to see family was a surprise. We had been planning for months and it was so hard to keep it a secret. We planned it carefully around our nephew CW's second birthday. I have many adorable photos of CW but until I can acquire permission from Mommy and Daddy, I'll only be posting one or two of my favorites.

(Happy 2nd Birthday CW!)

Too many things I want to share for one post, so I'll break it up over the week. (Not to mention Princess Emily is 6 months old!) Have some fun looking over pictures and more will come about later.

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